General Information


If your child is going to be absent for any reason please ring and notify the office before 9am using the Message Service.  It is the school’s policy to account for each pupil each day.  Absences can be texted to 027 492 1794, information to include - child name, room, reason e.g. Sick.

Accidents and sickness at school

If a pupil has an accident or is sick at school we will try to contact the parents caregivers as soon as possible. We ask that you keep contact information up to date at the school office. If your child requires special attention e.g. suffers from asthma,  diabetes, allergies etc please make sure that the school office and the class teacher is aware of this.

Activities Fee

Each term there will be an activity fee to cover the cost of planned activities.  Parents will be invoiced at the start of each term.  The amount will vary depending on the range of activities. Payment of the fee and/or donation can be arranged to suit individual circumstances.

Dental Clinic

Children are seen on a regular basis.  You can contact the clinic Ph 352 9186.  


Children need to be safe and happy before they can learn.  At Papanui Primary School we have high expectations for children's behaviour but we also acknowledge that children are learning and developing so need support and guidance alongside consequences. 

The staff manage and influence what happens at school by creating a positive school environment with:
* social skills teaching * professional development for teachers * buddies in Whanau time * lunchtime activities and sport

Everyone – children, families and staff - has a role in maintaining the school tone.

Our Papanui Promise, which is as follows:

At Papanui Primary School we will all 
∗     Respect others
∗     Use Stop, Think, Do strategies
∗     Discuss our problems using Restorative Practice
∗     Try my best

If you have any concerns or questions contact your child's teacher immediately.

Donations to the School

Each year the Board of Trustees suggest a donated fee of $80.00 for one pupil and $100.00 for more than one child at school.  
All the income from the school donation goes towards leasing iPads, laptops and chromebooks for our students.  The BoT feels that providing the IT equipment like this is better for families than the Bring Your Own Device option as it ensures
  • Equitable access for all children
  • Guaranteed up to date equipment (3 year leases)
  • Better management of cybersafety
  • Insurance and repair issues are the school’s
  • Sharing of devices is “WE-learning” individual devices is “I-learning”
  • A cost effective approach for families

Health Nurse

The school receives visits by the Public Health Nurse regularly. 

Information Technology

The school has a comprehensive information technology development plan. We have a range of devices in every classroom and these are networked throughout the school. There is also access to digital cameras, video camera, and data projectors. Each year children and parents / caregivers are required to sign an Internet Use Agreement. 


Our library is a great resource for children and teachers.  It is used regularly by classes and is open three lunchtimes.


We encourage children to bring healthy lunches. No lollies or sweets or fizzy drinks - water is best. Children are given 15 minutes to eat their lunch. All children remain seated for this time. Junior children have their lunch boxes checked by the duty teachers to ensure they have eaten enough.


These are emailed every Thursday - make sure you keep the school informed of any changes to your contact details.  A printed copy of the newsletter is always able to picked up from the office. Click here to visit the Newsletters page.

Road Safety

We ask that all pupils and parents / caregivers cross the road only at the supervised crossing on Winters Rd.  This area is patrolled from 8.30 am to 8.55 am and 3 pm to 3.15 pm.  We would like all adults to help reinforce safe road safety skills with children by setting the example.
When collecting or dropping off children we ask that you do not double park as this makes the warden's job harder to see oncoming cars.  
If children are still waiting for parents and caregivers when the road patrol finishes at 3:15pm, they should return inside the school grounds and wait outside the office.

School Hours

Morning School    8.55 am - 1.00 pm
Morning Interval    10.25 am - 10.45 am
Lunch    1.00 pm - 1.45 pm
Afternoon School    1.45 pm - 3.00 pm
Children should not arrive at school before 8.30 am and should vacate the grounds by 3:15 pm.

Supervision in the Playground

Supervision is provided during morning interval and lunch time by three staff members.  A signed note is required for any child leaving the school grounds or telephone contact with the office.

Teaching Timetable

Term Dates 2018

Term 1    Monday 5 February - Friday 13  April            
Term 2    Monday 30 May - Friday 6 July            
Term 3    Monday 23 July - Friday 28 September            
Term 4    Monday 15 October -Thursday 20 December