Farewelling Mrs Stimpson and Mr Kemp

Published on Wednesday, 14 November 2012, 7:55 a.m. Print Article

At the end of the year two of our teachers, Ruth Stimpson and Larry Kemp will be retiring from their fulltime positions at the school.  Both of these teachers have contributed an enormous amount to children and education at our school and the other schools they have taught at.  Through all the changes and challenges that Papanui has faced over the last ten years Ruth and Larry have been the ‘constants’ who have helped keep the school together and moving forward. 

We are planning to farewell both of these teachers at a special assembly on Friday 7 December at 2pm.  This is a school event where the school, current staff, children and families will have the opportunity to farewell Ruth and Larry.  There will also be an evening event for Ruth on Thursday 29 November 7pm in the school hall.  If you wish to attend this event or find out more please contact the school office.

If you wish to contribute to the retirement gifts for Ruth or Larry just pop your donation in an envelope (named) and into the office.  Please pass on this message to anyone who you think may be interested.  You are most welcome to speak to either Jennie Watson, Lynne Levick or Paul Kingston.